MANURAU is owned and operated by bird enthusiasts Rodney and Joyce. They “have the bird bug!”

Rodney and Joyce started out looking for quality game birds and eggs to enjoy with their family. There are so many tantalising recipes that rely on the use of game birds. With restaurants and chefs recognising the extraordinary cuisine these birds provide they thought there must be someone supplying birds – apparently not!   

So, after many years farming and working in Hawke's Bay, they set off on a journey around the North Island in search of birds, incubator supplies and information. They had a goal - to turn their interest in birds into a thriving business opportunity.

From that journey and initial purchase of ten quail, MANURAU was born. After spending years sourcing the best quality birds and understanding their needs, MANURAU has developed into a full production enterprise selling quality game birds and educating its customers on their use.

Our Story