Quail Eggs


Natures Superfood!

We all know eggs are good for us. But did you know that quail egg has three to four times MORE nutritional value than a chicken egg, in a smaller, less calorific package?

Why should we eat it?

Quail eggs are a valuable source of vitamins A, B complex, D, Iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorous and other essential micro-nutrients, minerals and amino acids!

Quail eggs are known for their ability to strengthen the immune system, fight bad cholesterol, stimulate growth, increase sexual appetite and stimulate brain function.

They are a popular choice in Chinese medicine to heal an array of illnesses including asthma and hayfever.

With all the health benefits quail eggs provide – no wonder they are called nature’s super food!

Here are a few simple comparisons between quail egg and a chicken eggs:

  • Quail eggs have 13% protein per egg compared to 11% in chicken eggs
  • Quail eggs have almost three times as much Vitamin B1
  • Quail eggs have five times more Iron and Potassium
  • Quail eggs have double the amount of Vitamin A and B2
  • Quail eggs are higher in phosphorous and calcium
  • Quail eggs have not been shown to cause allergies or diathesis – in fact they are known to fight allergy symptoms (please consult your GP before use) 

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