Rodney and Joyce's love of birds is evident in everything they do. They have a natural ability to understand how they live and the signs they exhibit when they are content. MANURAU is always looking for ways to keep its birds happy and maintain their quality of life. After all, happy birds mean sustainable farming and better quality product.

MANURAU's philosophy is to run the birds in as natural environment as possible – it is not only important to MANURAU, it is important to its customers!

There are no battery cages here – eggs are picked up from wherever the birds lay them. They enjoy five acres of pasture and grassland with plenty of fresh water and space.

MANURAU has spent years researching and understanding production cycles and employs eco-farming principals to guarantee year-round supply of gourmet game bird products for a growing number of loyal customers.

MANURAU welcomes visitors to the farm and is always interested in hearing your suggestions for products or how its services can be improved to you. Call in and see Rodney and Joyce and meet the birds for yourself or email us here.

Sustainable Farming